Thursday of the Living Dead

December 20, 2007

Peoples is wanting to hang out because everyone’s leaving for the holidays or coming home for the holidays. I haven’t been home before 11p in what seems like ages. I has gots to get more sleep. Observe:

Flattering self-portraits are one of my many secret gifts.

But it was nice to run into Rich and Jon and Ryan at the Sharp Edge; I’m already brainstorming about the next Jam and how many machines we could get running at our space in the showroom here at La Prima. Hey Pittsburgh! Let’s do more coffee stuff! Coffee is pretty fun! Don’t you like fun! Coffee things! With coffee! Let’s think about how coffee has the potential to engage people in dialogue about larger issues. Christmas resolution(?): I will not be a grumpy bastard when I am dealing with walk-ins at the roastery.

Also, where is my Harrar? Is it still in Jersey? Is it on the turnpike? Is the driver eating lunch?

Also, what do you do when you buy a warped record? Do you take it back or just live with it? Anybody?


A deliciously paced Friday

December 14, 2007

It certainly is.

You know what happens when you do something for somebody? Sometimes they will send you something nice in return. Like this:

One pound of Harrar and a nice note turns into one pound of Costa Rica, Cup of Excellence style. Amazing how the postal system works. Thanks Colleen! You’re the best! So far I’ve only tried it as espresso, but it’s pleasantly clean, just only so tangy at the end. Delish. So I’ve just got a couple more things to do today, maybe 400 pounds to roast, and I’m on my merry way. Tonight is a birthday party, with karaoke bowling. I plan on conning my friends into buying me beers so I can sing a very special song.

Also, if anyone has seen this album lying around, be sure to let me know. I miss it.

I’ve been receiving some coffee today, so I’ve been able to stand out on the loading dock.

The city is staring me down. All these leafless trees and snow-covered ground, the houses on Troy Hill, the wash of gray sky, the snow still gently falling, the smoke billowing out of the old Heinz factory, the sixteenth street bridge with its globe girder-caps, the downtown skyline to my left.

I am enchanted. If you were here, you would be too.