January 7, 2009

It’s true!  I’m leaving La Prima tomorrow for different coffee-colored pastures.  Look for me on the East End come early February.

BUT!  The primary reason for this post was to tell you about what happened in an airpot this morning.  I was cleaning out my desk area and came up with about 25 pounds of sample remainders from all over.  Dominican!  Ethiopia Lekempti!  Costa Rica!  Papua New Guinea, both conventional AND organic!

So what did I do?  I did it.  I did.  I roasted them all together, and then I BREWED them this morning.  The result?  A bizarrely bodied coffee, hitting different spots on the tongue in a way that can only be described as…novel.  The same for the acidity, too.  Very strange.  I expect the next cup to be different.

Hurry down!  There’s only 3/4 of a pound left!