Thursday of the Living Dead

December 20, 2007

Peoples is wanting to hang out because everyone’s leaving for the holidays or coming home for the holidays. I haven’t been home before 11p in what seems like ages. I has gots to get more sleep. Observe:

Flattering self-portraits are one of my many secret gifts.

But it was nice to run into Rich and Jon and Ryan at the Sharp Edge; I’m already brainstorming about the next Jam and how many machines we could get running at our space in the showroom here at La Prima. Hey Pittsburgh! Let’s do more coffee stuff! Coffee is pretty fun! Don’t you like fun! Coffee things! With coffee! Let’s think about how coffee has the potential to engage people in dialogue about larger issues. Christmas resolution(?): I will not be a grumpy bastard when I am dealing with walk-ins at the roastery.

Also, where is my Harrar? Is it still in Jersey? Is it on the turnpike? Is the driver eating lunch?

Also, what do you do when you buy a warped record? Do you take it back or just live with it? Anybody?


5 Responses to “Thursday of the Living Dead”

  1. Rich said

    That photo isn’t quite Nick Nolte-esque, but you’ve looked better.

    It was a kick that you walked in – only sad you didn’t stumble onto us earlier. It was goofy how I’d run into Ryan totally by accident at 5pm that afternoon – nothing was planned and I’d thought of giving you a ring, but was running way late. One of those “all the tumblers clicking into place” kinda nights. Anyway, great to have Ryan back working in coffee – Pittsburgh is the better for it.

    So, you’re doing something at LP soon? We’re going to do trial runthroughs here for the regionals, so something maybe beginning of Feb as we’ll need judges, etc.

  2. tmcclearinghouse said

    Rich: What machines are they using for the regionals, and are we in the NERBC or the MARBC? Think combination barista jam and practice run for the regionals…eh?

    If they’re using Marzoccos, we sure as hell don’t have any here. Thoughts to ponder.

    Nolte? wow. Thanks?

  3. Chris M said

    Just wanted to say thank you some much for a) the hook up on the espresso and b) the recommendation to give the straight espresso a try vs the Miscela Bar. You were correct, the regular turned out to be a lot better than my previous favorite the MB. Both are good, but the stuff you hooked me up with is really something special.

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

  4. tmcclearinghouse said

    Chris: glad you enjoyed it. I’ve put a fair amount of time into turning that blend around, so I’m glad it’s paid off. It’s the talented, under-appreciated brother of somebody famous.

    Sorry my metaphor is failing me.

    But thanks. Spread the gospel of La Prima Espresso, eh?

  5. Chris M said

    Consider it done. John at Aldo had really high praise for it as well and didn’t even know what it was!

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