One or two thingers.

December 3, 2007

Hey kids! Did you ever feel crazy? Me too. If anybody has some suggestions on positive ways to utilize their very own madness, please contact me at this here blog.

IN OTHER NEWS: Aldo Coffee hosted Pittsburgh’s first ever Barista Jam (“Merry Baristmas”) and it turned out to be, in my opinion, a smashing good time. People from all over the city and from neighboring counties made it to Mt. Lebanon for many kinds of espresso, several different machines, a drink-making/pressure-inducing gauntlet, the ubiquitous latte art smackdown, silent auction, beers, wines, smokables, and many other things that escape me. This bodes well for specialty coffee in Pittsburgh. I met some new people, saw some old friends. Good time. Highlights? All the yelling, and some delicious beers that I don’t remember what they were.

Thanks Aldo; you throw a hell of a party.


One Response to “One or two thingers.”

  1. Rich said

    Twas a good time.

    The beers were from Yards, DFH, Erie and Presque Isle – although there were a lot of different varieties in there, all sampler cases it would seem, except for the DFH (all 60 minute).

    Oh, and those non-local PBR tall boys…

    Anyway, Russell and I and hopefully others are going to start talking about a rotating coffee cupping thinger. With beer. Hope you’ll join in.

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