Out-of-practice barista makes good! Copy at 7!

August 5, 2007

Those of you “in the know” may have heard tell of La Prima‘s (new website coming soon. It was soon four months ago, so I’d imagine very soon) long-standing service of espresso catering. Last night was my first, and from what I hear, one of the best.

Italian wedding, 400+ people, 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. A two-man job, they say.

My co-worker and I roll up to the reception a quarter to eight with our two Cimbali Juniors (which in my opinion are just great. You could drop that thing into the river and have it get hit by speedboats for an hour, pull it out, and pour yourself a fan-tas-tic espresso. For my tastes, double ristretto), our Cimbali grinders in decent working order, five pounds of Miscela Bar Espresso, three gallons of whole milk, one gallon of 2% (they only had three gallons of whole at the gas station), and our bins of sundry items. We set up. We got things in order. Pulled test shots. And then

Well, I won’t describe it as well as you can read about non-professional baristi being crushed by orders for many, many more drinks here, but the point is, myself and my compatriot were facing lines of seven for two hours straight, and we ran out of all our milk and all our coffee at 10:27 pm. I mean, I’ve worked in cafes before, but I have never been even close to that busy. Ever. And it was more fun with coffee than I’ve had in months. Better than having my hair blown off by SO espresso, better than cupping seven coffees with local coffee-professional-types, better than smelling our past-crop Harrar nearly second crack (which smells awesome).

All that to say, I could do that for a job and be entirely happy.


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