August 2, 2007

I recently remarked that I had been feeling simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by the sheer collective force of nature and people, especially their souls.  I haven’t yet been able to enter into it again, to have it direct me and take me by my little child hands like I’ve done before.

But I’ve been underwhelmed, too.  By myself, mostly, and my apparent surrender to apathy.  I’d like to blame summer, really I would.  I’m just not sure this apathy can be attributed solely to the season and the hot-ness of just sitting, my God.  You would think I could get myself moving or something, but I haven’t seemed to be able to muster up enough energy to do anything but work, sleep, drink, sleep, repeat.  And I’m alright with all of those things, but I think there are some pretty significant things missing in my life:

  • Time spent doing absolutely nothing.  I thought this is what summer was for: sitting, lying down, just allowing your body to be.  Seems like I’m with people, talking, being loud and drinking, ken?  I mean, I love those things, but I think I should probably take some time to sit and not sleep.  Not do anything.
  • I am not writing anything.  Thus, you are maybe reading this.
  • I would like for all conversations to include the following questions: how are you doing, what do you want to be doing, and how can we help each other do those very things?

With my goals for the rest of my summer vacation (jokes!  I work in the summer!) put thusly, I would like to move on and speak about the point of all of this.  This is an introductory and exploratory post, so bear with me if I ramble or list.

I’m going to write about coffee and how I think it’s important to the world.

I’m going to write about how I can make myself a better person.

I’m probably going to blather on about music.

I might write about a couple of books I’ve read.  I will definitely not shut up about Wendell Berry.

But you may be curious about the title of this here we-blog.  I had an idea four years ago, and it was a name: The Madness Collective.  And this name was a feeling more than anything.  It was a desire, too.  A desire to do more than stay connected with people, it was a desire to feed people and to light fires beneath them and to look at clouds with them even though we were going to live in cities that seemed too far apart.  It’s still a desire to be abundant and full and all of that.  I think that’s mostly it, to be full and somehow together, even though we’re far apart.  The madness collective is an attempt to harness and appreciate the enormous amount of potential energy waiting in all of my friends and acquaintances.

So there you go.

Sometimes it won’t make sense.  Sometimes it will.  Sometimes it will do both.

Welcome to the Clearinghouse.


One Response to “welcome.”

  1. Juju. said

    i hear your heart on this one brother. its a beautiful desire to be a support to others instead of trying to pull the rug out as we all claw our way to the top. know that you’ve encouraged me today in my endeavors on this side of the globe.

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